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You have reached Kristy Estelle Astrologer, Author & Cat-lover extraordinaire. Stop in to enjoy some videos about Astrology, book a reading or pick up a Book about Spirituality, should you fancy.

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New Book!


A Daybook using a modern interpretation of A Course in Miracles' Workbook Lessons to transform your life in a fun, sassy way. Season by Season, let ACIM reveal the reason. This is the first of four Seasonal Installments to help you work with A Course in Miracles from a practical, easy to understand perspective.

Volume III: Lessons 181-270


Uplifting Astrology

Want to find out what your Sun Sign means for you or your loved ones, but don't have time to investigate your full chart? Unsure of what 'a full chart' even means? Then THIS little guidebook is the one for you.Uplifting Astrology is a short guidebook to the 12 Western Sun Signs including a general overview of your Sun Sign, Cautionary Tales, Life lessons, and OF COURSE advice on love between the signs. Pick up this quick read today to find out more about what makes you, YOU in a way that will leave you warm, fuzzy & uplifted.

Check out a Preview HERE

I love the book. I’m Aquarius, you were spot on and it made me smile the whole time. Very light-hearted. Now that I’ve read that book I must read your next book. Thank you for your wonderful talent.


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Ditch Anxiety & Find Peace


Are you ready to change your life?

You have the capacity for greatness. This guide is your key to accessible techniques to tap into the life-changing benefits meditation and affirmations can provide. Just 30 days to begin a sustainable journey filled with joy, love, peace and the awakening spirit of connectivity that lives within. 

What makes this guide unique? It is simple, designed to allow anyone to start or maintain a meditation practice in just a few minutes every day.

 Using lessons, affirmations and daily challenges, you will rediscover your authentic truth behind the busy. Begin the life-altering journey toward beginning to live the passionate, purpose-filled life of your dreams today!

Check out a Preview HERE

"This 30 day practice has been the most beneficial meditation practice I have ever experienced. My anxiety levels have been at an all-time high of late; thankfully this guide delivered meaningful tips, challenges, quotes, and prompts and I soon found myself looking forward to every days practice. So much so I bought a meditation pillow!"



"Thank you from the very depths of my soul for this beautiful gift. I truly believe this guide is a large part of why I have resurfaced from depression recently and many times when I have felt anxiety swallowing me up I turn back to one of the many sticky notes, take five deep breaths, and remember my favorite part of the guide"


Ditch Anxiety & Find Peace Reviews:

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