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I am a sometimes messy, eternally optimistic, Librarian, Educator, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Kitty-Mom, Certified Meditation Instructor, Astrologist and Author. 


My story is this: I lived my life lost in the busy for decades. At a certain point in my life I asked what was my purpose. I tried everything-yoga, exercise, you name it, to find the answer. Then I began meditating. (And not in a zen-master, well-done sort of way.)  I began with just a few minutes every day. Head full of white noise. Heart full of anxiety.  And it changed my life. I felt passionate, purposeful, calmer, and focused like I had not felt years, if ever.


I believe every person can share this feeling. My goal is to bring peace, passion and purpose back to the lives of busy people just like you, using simple, practical meditation techniques that can be used right away.  You don't need expensive equipment or techniques-Begin with just a few minutes of quiet time a day.


Astrology has always been a passion for me.  I started by reading everything I could find at my local library when I was a teenager (unapologetic love for my libraries!).  I have been quietly observing the signs in action ever since.


In truth, I am simply a student, learning right along with you. I am just a regular person who found her way back to herself after getting lost in the busy.  Being a student of meditation & enjoying the direction Astrology can give was the key to this transformation.  Applying a synthesis of these simple, short, practical ideas-It can be for you too right now!

Ditch Anxiety & Find Peace is my first novel, Uplifting Astrology my second.  I Love, Love, LOVE to hear feedback from readers, use the Contact Form on this website. Follow me on Instagram @Estelle.Kristy or via the Facebook page EstelleKristy Author.

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