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ACIM Introduction-Part Deux

The intro to part 2 of ACIM (aka A Course in Miracles) asks us to take a different track for the next portion of our ACIM adventures.

By leaving words behind.

Whaaaaat?!? Isn’t ACIM full of words Estelle?

Stick with me.

Words are simply objects we assign meaning to. Insulin in the 60’s meant a treatment for psychosis. Today it is well-known to be used for Diabetes. Very different right? Same word.

Words are contextual. Unique to the times we live in. If we said ‘the bomb’ in 1930 it would have had an exclusively scary military connotation. In the 90’s-slang for something good.

The point? Words are fluid. They move. And ACIM says, we no longer need these words. Simply holy, blessed instances of silence and connection to the All-That-Is.

The Intro to ACIM invites us to take as many of these restful moments as needed as we explore Part 2 of the text.

It is all only one shimmering instant away. A call from the Universe to let all things be healed. And with this healing comes the promise of eternity. One quiet moment at a time. Lighting the darkness of our minds in calm, peace and connection.

Namaste. Happy PeaceWorking LightWorker.

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