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ACIM Rewind: It Begins with a Thought-Lesson 34 ACIM

I could see peace instead of this. [W-p1.34.1.1]

Lesson 34 is another Greatest Hits! ACIM lesson.

As one of my favorite fantasy author’s likes to say “It begins with a thought”.

The beauty of this statement is, we get to choose.

Thoughts, by their very nature, live within our heads. And, when I sometimes feel like there’s a battle royale going on in there. I can always change the landscape. I am, truly, only one thought away.

And while this isn’t always easy in the middle of traffic. When the cats are crying. Or when my ego tells me I’m not enough. I can, in fact, see peace instead of what’s in front of me.

It’s not about ignoring. It’s about the awareness that my stress is an inside job. That suffering usually comes from my thoughts about what is. Rather than the circumstance.

Lesson 34 can seem a bit scary at first. Explore my fearful thoughts today-Whaaaat!!?? I like to stuff those critters down in the basement Estelle. But darkness can only be truly seen in the light. And what we reject, we empower to control us.

By seeing the peace beyond the fear we can allow ourselves the luxury of peace that exists. Just beyond our last fearful thought. To find a love that truly passes all understanding.

Shine on Light Chaser!

All quotes are from A Course in Miracles, copyright ©1992, 1999, 2007 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.

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