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Are you a Phil or Are you a Claire?

I am a big fan of sitcoms. I love to laugh.

There is even some fun & interesting science behind the magical gift of laughter.

One of my favorite shows to laugh along to is Modern Family.

Modern family, for those unfamiliar, is a show about a typical family. Their struggles. Their heartaches. Their joy.

Two of the characters on Modern Family are Phil and Claire. Phil is an eternal dreamer and optimist that often falls (literally) flat on his face. Claire is a realist and a planner who tries to control everything she sees.

My question to you, dear friends, is Who are you: A Phil or a Claire

Before you answer consider this-When was the last time you faced a day without an agenda or a to-do list? Crickets on this end. I’ve mentioned before my obsession with staying busy.

Claire too loves a good agenda. Oh my So I’m a Claire?!!

It’s not all bad. Claire is organized. She is always prepared.

And just because you have some Claire-tendencies does not mean you aren’t also a Phil. Or couldn’t benefit from some of his characteristics.

If you are game, I suggest trying the following exercise. It is designed channel your inner Phil, adapted from The Self-Acceptance Project, a book I highly recommend. In circumstances where you have a less than joyful thought. Ask yourself:

  1. 1. Is this idea/thought 100% True?

  2. 2. Does it make me happy?

  3. 3. Will it help me to achieve my dreams?

Modify said thought, rinse and repeat to get to Phil.

The point is this: we get to choose where we are on the Phil-Claire spectrum. I suspect we all have a little of both in each in us.

When we become out of balance on the Claire-side, (i.e. when I am drowning in my foot long to-do list) we can choose again. Ask ourselves the above questions. And reevaluate where we want to be on our spectrum today.

Sometimes it’s easy, requiring a minor readjustment of our awareness. Sometimes it’s tough. And we can love ourselves wherever we are at and try again tomorrow.

Wherever you are at today, don’t be afraid to face-plant, full monty into a different perspective. Phil or Claire style!

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