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Bless your soul-Do you really think you’re in control? ACIM Lesson #292.

A happy outcome to all things is sure.

I don’t know about you, dear friends, but a happy outcome is sometimes hard to believe.

Especially right now.

And I am of the Disney-Never-Ending-Happy-Endings ilk. (see Pollyanna post for details)

But ACIM is a little more optimistic. No exceptions 292 says.

Really? My ego replies.


Only joy can be found. Tough to believe? It’s up to us says ACIM. Do you really think you’re in control? That you can will an ending cosmic time and space has orchestrated in love?

Well…when you put it like that….

For every problem we can perceive. For every trial we think our will must mitigate. Source has an answer. The Universe is ruled by the laws of balance. Of opportunity. Of a give and take which keeps our Souls in harmony. What to DO then? Live in Joy. As Source intended.

And so…I have a single question for you today LightWorkers. What would you do today if you knew you were guaranteed a fairy-tale happy ending?

Live it in love.

Namaste LightWorker.

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