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Caffeine soaked paws & Other misadventures-ACIM Review VI: Lesson #210

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./I choose joy instead of pain.

Can I just TELL you what happened this morning Dear LightWorkers?

My cat-children were up half the night. I was tired. Grumpy. Exceptionally frumpy.

To top it all off, as I was zombieing my way to the coffee pot, the filter flew out of my hands in a fit of joy….with the coffee grounds in it. As I was sweeping up the rogue grains who had betrayed me, the cat came up to help….and walked right into the center of the coffee grounds.

Despite frightening visions of a cat wired on caffeine running through the house. And my own disgruntlement. I did something strange-I started laughing.

I mean, what a mess.

And this, my friends, is what Lesson 210 asks me to do.

Every. Single. Time my life turns into a tornado of the unexpected. Every time I feel out of control. Every time these things cause me pain. Lesson 210 asks me to see the joy. Even more. To SEEK the joy in all of these situations. And to choose this joy instead of what I’ve made (aka caffeine soaked paws running rampant in my living room).

Lesson 210, while it may sound judgmental, is actually FULL of joy and laughter. And it asks us to be the same. Because what is life in perspective most days? Definitely not the big deal I make it in the moment. And our worst stories? Often our funniest hours in retrospect.

Choose joy. Choose peace. Choose to laugh at yourself when you can. Even if it takes a hot minute (or you need to curse first).

Wishing you the bestest stories in love Lightworker.

Namaste Dear ones.

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