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Fireworks of Love-Confetti. ACIM Lesson #243

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

Have I mentioned I LOVE a good judgement. I judge the food I eat. The hole in my shirt. The dominant political paradigm. Judgy is my middle name (and also the last letter of my Myers-Briggs INFJ).

When I’m not busy judging the world. I turn it on myself. I even judge my judgement. *sigh*

ACIM 243 reminds me that the Universe is bigger than my judgement. If I can start by changing what I believe about myself. And subsequently remember to look for the positive. When I let the Universe guide my steps instead of allowing my monkey-mind to navigate the world by my judgements. My whole world can explode in a firework of Love-confetti.

Today I invite you to leave it to the Universe to decide where we should cosmically dance. To wait for the appropriate Universal magic to deliver a bigger, more transcendent day than we could ever dream up through any steps motivated by judgement. To recognize that Heaven has always been here. In this very moment. It can simply get a bit lost in our worries and dreams about tomorrow.

Happy Magic Seeking Day LightWorkers!


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