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Gotta Get Back in Time. ACIM Lesson #278

If I am bound, my Father is not free.

Perhaps some of you have had the immense pleasure of experiencing the 1985 classic expose on quantum physics and time travel-Back to the Future.

Okay. You got me. This was really a pop film released during my formative years.

Back to the Future, for the uninitiated, was a movie about teenager, Marty Mcfly. Marty ends up back in time. Dismantles his parents first meeting. And causes a little space/time continuum time warp in the process. In one scene our hero Marty is being bullied by the infamous Biff. Biff & his relatives are fond of picking on the Mcfly’s from way. Waaaaaay back. One of his favorite tactics is to knock Marty’s noggin’ repeatedly yelling:

‘Hello? HellOOOO? Anybody Home? Think McFly. THINK!’

Sometimes I picture my guardian angels repeating this very phrase to me. Over. And over. And over again….

One of the messages these dear angels are begging me to remember is that I am not bound by the things I think I am. My guides. Angels. God/Source…we are all in this together. So when I act like my spirit is terminal-I limit God/Source in just much the same way. I confine the infinite to a body. And I make the world’s limitations my God. Rather than an expression of my perceptions.

When, in contrast, I can think in truth. When, as Lesson 278 suggests, I can let go of my foolish thoughts and remain free. A field of infinite possibilities awaits. Beyond any false truths the world might say are real. Beyond fear, foolish thoughts and my personal version of what can never be confined.

You are bigger than these false truths, my Dear Friend. Limitless in the Source that is married within. Independent of space & time. Safe in your remembrance that only Love is real.

Namaste LightWorker.

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