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I Can See Clearly Now...ACIM Lesson 18

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.

There is a principle in New Thought that states that we are always co-creating. Whether you resonate with this or not, what co-creation means to me is that we live in a collective.

Just as a butterfly across the world can supposedly change the weather (aka Chaos Theory) in San Francisco, what we do matters. Together. And this extends to what we see.

We agree something is a chair-and we call it a chair. But is this Universally true?

Someone in Laos calls it kaoi. Which is it?

And how did we come up with these words and definitions? How did we define what we see as chair. Table….Good. Bad?

The collective monsoon-aka co-creation.

Lesson 18 asks us to remember that we are not alone in experiencing the effects of what we choose to see. That our thoughts are important, not just to us, but to others we encounter on this crazy roller coaster ride. That our definitions have impacts, even when we don’t agree.

So do you choose to see rainbows? Unicorns and children laughing? Or will you choose to look for darkness, the worst in your neighbors or friends. We get to choose my friends. And how we choose impacts us together.

So whether you believe it is a chair or kaoi may not matter nearly as much as whether you choose to define it in the love and light within every single thing that is.

Looking forward to seeing more of the light you choose every single day my friends. Namaste!

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