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I'm Lovin' It! ACIM Review V: Preview

Time for Review! Woohooo!

Time to Review our last 20 ACIM Lessons.

Here’s the skinny, in case you missed it. Each Day ACIM Reviews two of the last 20 lessons. There’s a basic theme to the Review, which sandwiches two lessons (aka greatest hits) within the theme’s context.

Review V’s basic theme/premise is: God/Source is but Love, and therefore so am I. It reminds us that we are more than our meat suits. Our holy selves. Pure Source love.

Martha Beck encourages an exercise that connects us to this source. In essence, picture your worst fear. Now picture it’s opposite…Now envision even better than this opposite…..

Our Source of love and abundance is greater than we can imagine. It is that still small voice within that quiets our doubts and lets our holy minds be still in our knowing. It is the evidence of our life’s purpose present when we truly listen to what is our unique, authentic truth. It speaks to us in these quiet moments.

Review V reminds us that our deepest Self alone knows its creator. Understands its truth. Is consistent in its knowledge. And in its love. It always discerns what is the purest version of our highest self, communicating with us in love.

It is this Course’s greatest purpose to return us to this Divine self we may have thought we lost. Your truth is the way and the life. Follow the unique path that is yours to live. Journey to your next best choice for this release. To find your way to whole and complete. As Source created you.

Happy Review V LightWorkers!

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