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Memberberries-ACIM Lesson #73

I will there be light.

The show Southpark is an, often crude, but sometimes hilarious parody of the politics of our world. In one episode the concept of ‘Memberberries’ are introduced.

Memberberries are a metaphor for ‘the good old days’. Nostalgic times when things were perceived to be better.

Peaceful. More certain. Sounds great right?

The problem with memberberries, is that along with ice cream parlors and the twist, they also ‘member’ lots of things that no longer work. And they get aggressive in trying to make people remember the past in a certain framework. While subliminally inserting dialogue from the old paradigm.

Lesson 73 asks me to subscribe to a different set of memories. To remember the world as it truly is, rather than the limited view the media. The past. Or my grievances might put before me. It reminds me I have free will to choose which version of reality I bring into my awareness every day. When I believe the world is full of darkness-I will look upon a darkened world. When I can forgive the mis-remembering, I will mirror the inextinguishable light.

My free will gets to choose.

And when I forget. It provides this little ditty, catchier than the memberberries version of Toto’s Africa:

I will there be light. Let me see the light that reflects the freedom to choose my Divinity.

Remember who you are today, dear friends. You are the Flame that lights the darkness.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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