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Moving toward a Solution-ACIM Lesson #79

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

You may have heard the adage that a problem can not be solved with the same mindset that created it. My partner, evidently, is a master at this concept.

My boo attends Yoga a few times a week. He often sees the same peeps over and over again that attend the class. Everyone generally gravitates toward the same spot they laid their matts down on during the previous class.

But my partner, being the rebel-rouser he is, decided to start putting his matt in a different place. Every. Time.

Whoa. Disruption. Confusion. And even a little angst. What to do…where to go. But then, something magical happened.

Everyone else started moving their matts around too. Bob went to the left side of the room. Amy was at the back. It was full-on crazy town at the gym. No order, no rules. Just pure people responding to where they wanted to be in that very moment. Where the Universe Divined they were intended.

Lesson 79 reminds me that my consciousness often acts very much like these lovely yoga peeps. I can sometimes engage in habit-driven thinking. Sitting on the island of my matt in the unconscious separation, just doing my thing. Until the world reminds me that I’m acting out of the same brand of limited thinking that got me into that spot in the first place.

But when we can disrupt the pattern. When we can see that one little shift in a different direction, can change the consciousness of the collective-organically new, flowing patterns supported by the Universe emerge. Freedom to enact solutions from a mindset of peace and synchronicity with our fellow soul walkers reveal themselves.

The version of our personal yoga studio of the mind and is really just a mirage of our own making. The problems are our programming laying down the same matts of worry, doubt and fear we have put in place for years in the same place in our existence. But when we can recognize it is only our ego, putting down the same ideas over and over again, we can choose again. To recognize the connections instead of the problems. To lay down our matts of love together in the solution of oneness.

Namaste Dear friends. Shine on!

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