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Peekachu-De Ja Vu! ACIM Lesson 10

My thoughts do not mean anything.

De Ja Vu! If this one feels like Neo’s Cat in the Matrix, it’s because Lesson 4 is very similar. These thoughts (Lesson 9), my thoughts…you get the idea.

The potential difference is the progression from the external (these thoughts) to the recognition of the internal (my thoughts).

And the added bonus mantra listed in the text to practice (This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe) provides the clue that we are often attached to our thoughts. Even when they don’t serve us.

When I am thinking, for example, that the jackball in traffic that just cut me off is purposefully trying to be an a-hole, I am missing the point. Those thoughts are really meaningless (despite the cursing on my part that might ensure).

To supplement this concept Lesson 10 invites us to take a looksee at any thoughts that come up during the day (especially the jackball-related). And say to ourselves instead:

This thought about XYZ does not mean anything.

This is a lovely exercise in removing our attachment to our thoughts as an absolute reality. It allows us to separate from the ideas the world seems to present us with (whether they seem bad OR good) and allow for the idea that we may not be the most discerning when jackballs arrive.

This can happen when we repeat actions or thoughts out of habit, rather than consciously, from a high-vibe place of love.

Lesson 10 asks us to invite a re-do into our lives. To start from scratch. To begin with a blank slate of neutrality when it comes to our thoughts. In order to open ourselves to the amazing prospect of a world of infinite possibilities.

Happy groundhog day for your thoughts my dear ones.

Namaste Light Workers.

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