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What a Wonderful World-Lesson 14 ACIM

God did not create a meaningless world.

I’ll admit, Lesson 14 can seem a little out there at first-What God did not create doesn’t exist?!! Whaaaaaat?

Certainly, there must be war. Certainly we see poverty in the world. Certainly there is greed and unrest….or is there?

Hang with me here.

When we wake up in the morning, we can choose to believe the news headlines. That the world is a fearful place full of landmines and angry people. Or we can choose to take a look for ourselves at what is present right in front of us. Laughing kids. Sunshine. Nourishing rain (or snow). And Pam Grout (my favorite positivity Guru).

Our Divine selves are presenting us with alternatives to the dominant paradigm every day, in every moment. But if we choose to see terror. If we choose to look for the worst in every situation-chances are that we will find it.

Lesson 14 asks us to do just the opposite. To take an inventory of our blessings. To remind ourselves when terror comes to call that our Divine juju did NOT create a meaningless word. And, in fact, whatever it is we are worrying about is only as real as we make it in our thoughts (aka the story we are creating around the fear).

So today I’ll give my worries another look. I’ll appreciate all of the beauty and wonder my life gives me in the moment. I’ll count my blessings instead of my heartaches. And I’ll remember that conscious creation involves connecting with the best in life. And leaving the rest to fade into unreality.

Namaste Dear Ones. You are precious, beauty and majestic, just like your creations.

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