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When you Need a Hand...ACIM Lesson #246

To love my Father is to love His Son.

Lesson 246 is a profound one. It gives me pause in reverence like the beauty of a still night. 246 says that when I look at another as anything other than the true expression of Source they really are, I am fooling myself. Putting a mask on their face that hides their truth. And, like a mirrored projection, adding that same mask to myself.

It shows me that what I see in any of my fellow earth-walkers is what is going on within. And to fail to love all of my messy parts, is to deny the Love that I was created with. Minimizing the majesty that is in all of us. Diminishing the particles of light and love that live in each.

The way to the light is paved with one-another Dear Friends. WE are the stones that make up the path that is ours to walk. The Love that is ours to live. And when we support one-another in truth….well, there is no place we cannot go. No miracle we can fail to see. And no mountain of faith we cannot climb with the help of one-another, walking each other home.

Namaste in truth my fellow LightWalkers

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